Travel Safe

Don't let bed bug worries spoil your adventures! Follow these tips for worry-free travel

Choose your suitcase wisely

1) Before you leave

1. Pack Smart: 

Choose a light-coloured, hard-shell suitcase. Bed bugs are less drawn to these compared to fabric and black ones.

2. Bring Jumbo Bags for Suitcases

This is to isolate your luggage in the hotel room.

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3. Bring Ziplock Bags for Clothes:

You will use ziplock bags to seal your dirty clothes. Dirty clothes can carry human scent that attracts bed bugs, so sealing them away limits bed bugs' reach. 

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Hotel Room Inspection

2) Hotel Arrival

1. Luggage Lockdown:

Temporarily put your bags in the bathtub while you check the room.

2. Inspect Carefully:

Follow our hotel room visual inspection checklist for bed bugs.

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3. Found bed bug signs? 

Report it immediately and request a different room on another floor. Consider changing the hotel entirely. 

Suitcase inside plastic bag to protect from bed bugs

3) During Your Stay

1. Use the rack:

Keep your luggage off the floor and away from the bed.

2. Use the Suitcase Bags:

When you're not using your suitcases, store them in the jumbo plastic bags you brought.

3. Seal up clothing: 

Store dirty clothes in ziplock bags to keep bed bugs away. Never leave them on the floor or on the bed. 

4. Hang it high: 

Hang any clean clothes instead of leaving them in drawers.

Wash clothes on hight heat to kill bed bugs

4) Returning Home

1. Unpack safely: 

If possible, do it outdoors or in the garage, and inspect for any signs of bed bugs to avoid bringing anything inside.

2. Hot wash wins: 

Wash ALL clothing immediately on the hottest water setting that the fabric allows, then dry on high heat.

3. Treat your luggage: 

Thoroughly steam your suitcase to kill any stowaways.

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